Welcome to the news section. Here you will find recent updates from the Leather Working Group and details of audit awards for leather manufacturers.

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Protocol 6.5.2 - Translations now available

24 October 2017

Translated versions of Protocol 6.5.2 are now available in Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. A Korean version will be available very soon. Please note that the translated editions are only designed to assist with understanding and to help when preparing for an audit.  All actual audits will be conducted in the English language version of the protocol.  

Have you visited the Discussion Forum yet?

24 November 2017

We recently added a discussion forum to the website, following feedback from members that they would like more opportunities to network and have discussion with other LWG members.  Why not take a look and add a conversation of your own? We have added a thread to discuss the next full LWG Member's Meeting in Hong Kong and we would welcome your ideas for presentations and discussions. Do you have a question that you would welcome some support on?  Or even some advice or a relevant article that would be useful for other members?  If so, start a conversation...who knows where it will lead? CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE DISCUSSION FORUM NB:  All new conversations...

Wastewater Violation under Investigation

01 November 2017

LWG is aware of an alleged wastewater discharge violation in an area of the Vietnam Industry Park with waste allegedly being discharged into the Saigon River. This allegation is under investigation and LWG will respond further once the investigation is complete.  

EPA Crackdown results in thousands of factory shutdowns in China

10 October 2017

Do you source material from China?  A recent news report has identified that tens of thousands of factories in China have been shutdown in a "EPA" crackdown since June 2017. Some factories are receiving no warning and are subject to immediate shutdown for non-compliance.  There are many affected industries including Leather, Textiles and Chemicals and the regions known to already be affected are: Shandong, Henan, Hebai, Tianjin, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jilin, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guandong. The results of this could be far reaching and LWG have tannery members in many of the areas above.   Our recommendation to our members is to check your supply chain to...

New LWG Promotional Brochure now published!

26 September 2017

We are pleased to publish our new LWG Promotional Brochure which contains introductory information about the group and it's activities.   Click here to download the LWG PROMOTIONAL BROCHURE 

Important Information Bulletins for Members

17 May 2017

With the launch of the Trader Protocol in October 2016 and the introduction of Protocol 6.5 which comes into mandatory effect from 1st October 2017, there are important changes that will have an effect on the scoring for many of our leather manufacturers when they next undergo an audit.  These useful Information Bulletins are designed to help our members understand the changes that will come into effect in October. You can access these bulletins by clicking here:  Information Bulletins

LWG Approved Auditors Required

18 September 2017

Due to the continued growth in membership and increase in scope of the Leather Working Group, we are recruiting for 2 additional LWG Approved Auditors. More information can be found on the "Our Auditors" page here:  Our Auditors. The deadline for applications is Monday 16th October 2017.  All completed application forms, accompanied by a CV, should to forwarded to Deborah at: deborah@leatherworkinggroup.com  

Hydrogen Sulphide in the Tannery - New Policy Document Available

25 July 2017

A new Policy Document has been published on the dangers of hydrogen sulphide in tanneries.  The document can be found under "Other Documents" in the Audit Protocol section of the website.  You can also click here to view it now:  http://www.leatherworkinggroup.com/contentfiles/LWG-449.pdf  

LWG Chemical Management Module

08 June 2017

The LWG Chemical Management Module (CMM) was launched in Hong Kong at our member meeting on 1st April 2017.  This CMM is currently a voluntary stand alone audit module which can be added to a leather manufacturer's existing audit (if the audit has more than 12 months left to run) or arranged to be undertaken at the point of the next main audit. The intention is that the CMM will be integrated into the main audit protocol in the next full upgrade to P7 which is not likely to be before 2019. More information about the CMM and the protocol itself can be found here:  LWG Chemical Management Module  

Welcome to our new and improved LWG website.

28 March 2017

After months of development and planning we hope you enjoy browsing our new website. Over the coming weeks we will be adding more documents and information to help you get the most from your membership. For login assistance please click here.

Silver Award for Bolzano Brasil Indústria de Couros e Peles Ltda.

23 November 2017

Congratulations to Bolzano Brasil Indústria de Couros e Peles Ltda. for achieving a Silver Award for their recent audit. 

Gold Award for Sadesa (Argentina) Planta Lomas de Zamora

23 November 2017

Congratulations to Sadesa (Argentina) Planta Lomas de Zamora achieving a Gold Medal Award following their recent audit.