Animal Welfare

In 2016 the brand membership of Leather Working Group recognised the need to provide education and information around Animal Welfare in order to assist our members when making decisions on material sourcing.  A self-funded subgroup was therefore created with the principal objective to educate the leather value chain on the salient aspects of animal welfare.  Significantly, this will involve understanding the following:
  • The volumes and farming infrastructure associated with different types of animals
  • Regional variances in farm types, structure and tracking/marking systems
  • Trading, traceability and movement of animals, particularly cattle
  • Regional sensitivities and risks associated with animal welfare
  • Collating information and resources on animal welfare practices, farm assurance standards and regulation
  • Identification of and alignment with existing best practice
Ultimately, the group will endeavour to avoid duplication of effort and promote transparency in the leather raw material supply chain by establishing a framework to help manufacturers, brands and retailers understand and manage animal welfare issues. This strategic framework will identify best practice, align key priorities and drive continuous improvement. Furthermore, the subgroup is committed to seeking independent advice and input from industry experts.
Please click the link below to see a broad overview of some of the work carried out by the group over the last 12 months: AWG: Landscape and Challenges Presentation
Anyone interested in joining the Animal Welfare Group can download the membership pack here:  Animal Welfare Group Membership Proposal  or contact for more information.
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