The LWG Assessment Protocol for Traders has been developed and refined over two years as the natural progression to allow Trader LWG members to fully engage in the LWG Programme.  

The Protocol is the only route to membership for Traders with effect from 1st April 2017.

From 1st April 2017 there will be a phasing out of the scoring allowance in the main audit protocol.  

There are two types of trader:  Category A Traders where a separation of LWG material is demonstrable and Category B Traders where LWG material and non-LWG material is processed together.  It should be noted that from January 2018 the only reasonable method of demonstrating separation of materials for Category A Traders will be material that is physically marked at source.

Trader Protocol Auditors
There are currently 3 auditors who are undertaking Trader audits:
You can find out more about the auditors by visiting our auditor page here:  Our LWG Auditors

Translations of the LWG Protocol - For Reference Only

The translations below are for Assessment Protocol for Traders 2.0.1.  Revised translations for Protocol 2.0.2 will be available soon.

Information Bulletins

With the launch of the Trader Protocol in October 2016 and the introduction of Protocol 6.5 which comes into mandatory effect from 1st October 2017, there are important changes that will have an effect on the scoring for many of our leather manufacturers when they next undergo an audit.  The bulletins below are designed to give more guidance: